NZ Historical Ceramics Database




The database information is based on archaeological recovery of ceramic fragments from different archaeological sites (currently most of the sites are in or near Auckland, New Zealand). The information is variable in availability and quality (click here for further information about the description of availability of site information). Despite these problems, we are endeavouring to add information from all sources.

To illustrate the possibilities of this database you can view the distribution of patterns found on sites by clicking here.


R11/1379 Britomart Reclamation Britomart Complete Bickler et al 2005. (Clough & Associates)
Fale Pasifika Fale Pasifika Complete Clough and Associates
Fanshawe Fanshawe St Reclamation Complete Barry Baquie
First Halfway House Hotel First Halfway House Hotel The first halfway house was a stage coach stop over, horse changing house/tavern situated on Pye's Pa road halfway between Tauranga and Rotorua Complete Ken Phillips in prep
Heinz Watties Heinz/Watties Hotel Complete Phillips
Judea Judea Mid 19th century redout/graves Complete
Knox Street Knox Street Complete
R09/627 Miner's Bay, Kawau Island Complete Judge C. 2003 Masters Thesis Uauckland
Newton Gully Newton Gully Newton Gully Complete
Wiri PO Wiri PO Complete
Wynyard St Wynyard Street Excavations on the corner of Wynyard St and Grafton Rd, Auckland. University of Auckland School of Business Project Complete Clough & Associates 2006
R11/833 Albert Barracks Presence only
Butler Butler's Point Presence only Mica Plowman 2001 ms
R11/1595 General Assembly Presence only Smith and Goodwyn 1990
Q05/1179 Rewa's Pa DOC Visitor Centre, Russell Presence only Best, S. 2002. Guns and Gods: The History and Archaeology of Rewa's 'Pa', Kororareka
R11/1530 Victoria Hotel Victoria Hotel, Fort Street, Auckland Presence only Brassey and Macready 1994, The History and Archaeology of the Victoria Hotel, Fort St, Auckland (Site R11/1530). DOC
Winstone's Stables Winstone's Stables Presence only Clough and Associates
Acacia Acacia Cottage None
Arrowtown Arrowtown None Ritchie n.d.
R11/1643 Brown's Mill None Brassey 1990
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