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  Item Description
  NZAA This is the NZAA site number allocated to the site
  Database quality This item describes the type of information stored in the database for the site:

Completeincludes both information on MNI values for ceramic items as well as a number of images from the site (usually of named or patterns identified on the site)
ImagesImages from the assemblage added but not MNI data included
MentionedReport includes only some indication of ceramic data from this site included in the database
NoneSecondary source used to extract some data from this site included in the database
PartialSome MNI data available for the assemblage. Images also included
Presence onlyThe presence of patterns and manufacturing information include. However, the absence information is not available
Presence/absenceThe presence and absence of patterns and manufacturers included ("1=present" "0=absent")

  Reference This refers to the primary reference material used for information regarding the site. Currently this information is only in summary only. More complete bibliographic information will be added.


  Item Description
  Name and Number Pattern name usually refers to the known, sometimes copyrighted, name of the pattern sometimes found. Many patterns are not named and are designated by a code based either the original site in NZ it was described fromon (e.g., Britomart = BR####) or as part of the original NZ Department of Conservation reference collection.
  Technique Technique used to apply the pattern:

Colour glazed (marbling)
Colour glazed/moulded
Colour glazed/slip coloured
EBHL/Hand painted
Hand-painted with relief moulding
Outline transfer-print w/ overglaze handpainting
Relief moulded
Relief moulded/slip coloured
Relief moulding /w hand painting
Slip glazed
Slip glazed w/ hand painting
Slip glazed w/ hand-painting & applique
Slip glazed w/ relief moulding
Slip glazed-banded
Slip glazed-mocha ware
Stamped/handpainted ?
Transfer w/ EBHL
Transfer-print w/ hand-painting
Transfer-print w/ relief moulding
Transfer-print- marbled

  Description and Notes Description refers to the design while notes are for information regarding the archaeological data know about the pattern. These are currently a work in progress and contributors are welcome.
  Colour Pattern has been found in the listed colours
  Sites The pattern has been found on the listed sites. This information is based on presence information from previous reports and is more extensive that the full collections in the database.


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